proposal questions

proposal questions

These are items that need to be considered when doing a proposal for a custom recognition display. Please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives to discuss your recognition needs in greater detail.



Display Content Questions

What/who is going to be recognized on this display? (e.g. annual giving, cumulative giving, capital campaign, Endowment, Legacy, Memorials etc.)?

What are the levels being recognized? Level names?  Donation amounts?

Will the display need to be changed and updated?

Approximately how many names are currently in each level?

How many additional name spaces do you anticipate needing in each level?

Will names go up and stay up (cumulative gifts/campaign gifts) or will they change out (annual giving) or both?

Would you like names or nameplates to be in descending size to signify the different levels, or have all names the same size?

How often will the recognition display need to be updated and/or changed?

Would you like names to stay in alphabetical order within each level as the display is added to and changed?

Are there logos, mission/vision statements or other images you want included?

Is there specific copy you would like to see on the display for the title or other areas?
Would you like photo images and/or quotes mixed in with the names?

Is there a campaign, regional, or organizational theme that should be used for the recognition?

Would you like a brochure holder?


Location Questions

Where will the recognition be located– on a wall, freestanding? Indoors/Outdoors?  Lobby? Hallway?

What is the design style of the building and area where the recognition will be located (e.g. modern, traditional, rustic, etc.)?

Are there any significant architectural features that should be considered – arches, angles, etc.?

How big is the space you would like to use for the recognition display?  Length?  Height? 

Are there photos and/or artist renderings of the building that you can share with us?

What are the primary colors and materials of the flooring, walls and furniture in the area where the recognition will be located?

If mounting on a wall: Is the wall curved (concave or convex, radius)?  What is the wall made of (e.g. dry wall, stone, stucco)?  What are the dimensions of the wall?

General Questions

What is the budget for the project?

When does the finished recognition need to be in place?